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We're part of the fabric of New York, a vital component of city infrastructure that tens of thousands depend upon each and every day. Here at Nouveau we understand that every industry has unique needs and challenges that require us to use our experience to deliver unique solutions. We perform rigorous analyses for each building we work in to perform as effectively and efficiently as possible to serve the needs of our passengers. And you know when you choose us, you are picking the best vertical transportation service for your building.
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Working on Bell Labs' Vertical Systems
In a major hub where great innovative minds meet to discuss the proliferation of the great inventor Alexander Graham Bell and his works to further pursue the dream of prosperity everywhere. We are happy and glad to show our support for the great work being done daily by the people of Bell Labs whom continually exceed expectation.
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We care about how vertical transportation goes on from top to bottom. We discuss how we have solved problems here in different building environments, cultures and more.
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Nouveau Elevator, Inc., founded in 1987, is today the largest independent elevator service organization in metropolitan New York. We have more than 7,000 elevators in our care -- including many of the most high demand, high profile environments in the city. We maintain 24x7 office hubs in four critical city locations, in addition to emergency response dispatch, parts distribution, and our engineering and technical department in our Queens headquarters.

Just as important, our expertise extends beyond elevator service and repair to sophisticated solid state upgrades and total elevator replacement. We specialize in the installation of state of the art equiptment upgrades and control systems to give you improved performance, reliability, and code compliance. And we handle the entire job, from engineering and site planning to construction, wiring, installation, and code compliance certification.

Throughout the past decades Nouveau has contributed to numerous high profile projects to be standing the test of time thereby establishing a landmark in the Metropolis of New York. And each day a standard is grown as company culture flourishes to perform under pressure of very urbanized construction areas and making a positive contribution to the surrounding people, companies or organizations.